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Japanese Tea Ceremony

Karateka (students) of the Samurai arts will learn more than just “karate” and forms (kata)…they will learn about the traditions of karate and Agedo – including the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Once a month we will perform a ceremony, and all students are invited to attend! The Japanese tea ceremony is an artistic pastime unique to […]

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Kids are People Too! Karate

In just about every neighborhood in America, you’ll find teens who are looking for SOMETHING to do. Unfortunately, even here in Marin County, there are great programs for kids, great programs for Tweens, great programs for Adults…but not so much for Teens! Young adults between the ages of 12-18 years of age are sort of […]

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EZ Defense for Women

EZ Defense for Women Join us for the next Women’s EZ Defense Class! Women – DON’T BECOME A VICTIM! The first key to safety is awareness. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and potential dangers. For example: don’t wear ear phones on both ears when you’re out for your run; you need to stay aware […]

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