Teens Want KarateIn just about every neighborhood in America, you’ll find teens who are looking for SOMETHING to do. Unfortunately, even here in Marin County, there are great programs for kids, great programs for Tweens, great programs for Adults…but not so much for Teens! Young adults between the ages of 12-18 years of age are sort of left in the loop, and with nothing to do…are left to fend for themselves.

This is not always a good thing, when both parents are at work.

Out-of-school time programs can provide valuable support in the positive development of children and youth. Such programs can help cultivate social and emotional skills, and further students’ academic achievements. Furthermore, the safe environment provided by out-of-school time programs can offer children and youth a safe haven to be themselves, provide a welcome retreat from the streets and a place to be with friends.

Our Teen Karate program was designed with the young adult in mind! Yes – parents want to know that their kids are safe, and in an adult-supervised environment…and they’ll get that at Arts of the Samurai.

But teens need to know this program is at THEIR karate dojo (school). Here’s why:

  • We encourage our students to do positive things. You want to get ahead in life? Work hard, do well, help others. That’s what we teach.
  • We want our students to be positive influences. They get to do that here. Through the Leadership Program, students will learn how to guide and direct younger students (younger in ability…not necessarily age!)
  • We do NOT allow negativity, bullying, racism, or hatred. We practice POSITIVE reinforcement at AOS…both by the instructors, and by all students and their peers!
  • Hungry kids after school or the middle of the summer day? AOS is a great place to get a snack and learn some karate moves. If you can get your teen here, they can participate and learn practical skills.
  • In essence, while structure, learning, encouragement, positive reinforcement and adult-supervision is all included, we still “let kids be kids.” We have a code-of-conduct participants are required to adhere to. We treat our students with respect, and we demand respect in return. Arts of the Samurai provides the guidance, but the students themselves learn how to excel, and how to become leaders.
  • The lessons they learn will carry over positively into other areas of their life, like school, academics, at home and with parents, other adults and at work.

Activities include: karate training (kata and sparring), group activities, hands-on training, leadership programs, community outreach programs and potential field trips.

Give us a call – we’d love to meet your teen and see if AOS is a good fit for them! The first session is free, so call to find out when our Teens are People Too karate classes meet! Sensei Katrina: 415.763.0080. KIA!!!