EZ Defense for Women

Join us for the next Women’s EZ Defense Class! Women – DON’T BECOME A VICTIM!

The first key to safety is awareness. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and potential dangers. For example: don’t wear ear phones on both ears when you’re out for your run; you need to stay aware of what’s going on around you. Better yet – make sure you have at least one or more running partners. “Never run alone…!”

This is just one example of the skills: mental, emotional and physical, that you will learn in the EZ Defense Clinic for Women. This nationally-recognized program was developed to equip participants with self-defense strategies to prevent them from becoming a victim.

Not everyone wants to do martial arts as a sport or hobby, so this 4-hour clinic was designed to provide participants with street-practical techniques they can remember and take with them.

The EZ Defense for Women Clinic also demonstrates techniques to surprise an attacker and get away. “You want to stun them quickly, so you can run. The object is not to stay and fight, because you can get hurt that way. Stun ’em and get away to live another day!” Sensei Katrina recommends.

You’ll also learn other important skills; for example, TRUST your intuition! If you feel you’re not in a good situation, GET OUT!

This course is a Nationally Recognized Clinic Taught by a Certified Instructor; it is endorsed by police and rape crisis agencies nationwide as one of the most effective self-defense courses available. Using Self-defense drills and lessons, this highly specialized self-defense program will teach you how to:

  • Assess danger
  • Respond effectively to verbal attacks
  • Establish clear and assertive verbal boundaries to thwart an attack
  • Cope with the adrenaline rush that occurs in threatening situations
  • Suitable for females ages 12 and up
  • Great for mothers, daughters, seniors, professional women and women’s groups
  • No previous martial arts training necessary
  • Complete the course in one 4 1/2-hour session
  • EZ Defense for Women turns fear into power, as you learn how to assess danger, become assertive, set clear boundaries, control the body’s adrenal rush and prevent physical attacks

To learn more, and to find out when the next Clinic will be held, please call: 415.763.0080.

If you’re ready to sign up, you can pay for your EZ Defense for Women class here: