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Adult Grappling Classes

The main purpose of this class is to drill each student in the various techniques of self-defense and grappling that are found in martial arts. Within the scope of their studies, students will learn techniques that originate from: Japanese, Korean, Thai, Chinese, Philippine, Okinawan, and Hand-to-Hand Combat techniques. The lessons will consist of the following:

  • Stances and Guard Positions
  • Introduction and Negotiation to the Ground: Falls, and Rolls
  • Hand Techniques: Strikes, Kicks, Blocks, Pressure Points, Chokes, and Grabs
  • Heaven to Earth Techniques: Throws, Takedowns, Sweeps, Trips and Pinning
  • Escape Techniques: Evasion, Reversals, Counters and Countering
  • Setting Boundaries: ABC’s of Self-Defense
  • Strategies and Breathing: Know yourself and your Enemy, Know your Surroundings, Know and trust your techniques, and Deceptions
  • Meditation
  • Dark Hand Techniques.